Who must file W2 form?

Employer must File Form W-2 Wage and tax statement to the IRS/SSA:

  • To whom you withheld any income, taxes from your employees' wages regardless of the amount of wages.
  • For whom You withheld Income tax if the employee had claimed no more than one withholding allowance or had not claimed exemption from withholding on Form W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate.
  • To whom you paid $600 or more in wages even if you did not withhold any income, social security, or Medicare tax.
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What’s On a W-2 Form & How to Complete it?

A W2 form is broken down into numbered and lettered boxes. Here we provide the breakdown of each of the boxes you’ll see when you file a W-2 form.

Before start filing the W2 Form, you should familiarize yourself with a W2 so you can easily spot any errors you might find. Follow along the diagram to see what each of the numbered and lettered fields means.

Lettered Boxes:

  • Employee’s Information (SSN, name, address and ZIP code)
  • Employers' Information (EIN, name, address and ZIP code)
  • Control Number: Used by employers to identify specific W-2s

Numbered Boxes:

As an employer, you should keep the below numbers to complete the W2 form-

Information with relating to Federal

  • Wages (Social Security, Medicare), tips (Social Security, Allocated Tips) and other compensation
  • Taxes Federal income taxes (social security, & medicare) withheld information

Information with relating to State

  • Employer’s state ID number, wages, tips
  • State income tax

Information with relating to Local

  • Local wages and tips
  • Local income tax
  • Locality name

If you have these information readily available, you can start filing your W2 forms with our e-filing software.

Employees Copy Deadline

Employers must send out W2 forms to their employees by

31st, 2019

E-Filing Deadline

The due date for e-filing the W2 forms is on


Paper Filing Deadline

The due date for sending the paper Forms to the SSA is on

31st, 2019

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